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"For most people, accessibility makes things easier, for people with disabilities, it makes things possible."



AccessAbility is an Architectural Access and Universal Design Consultancy that provides design solutions to include persons with disabilities as clients and employees. With our motto 'Access = Ability', we believe that an inclusive environment significantly contributes towards making a better tomorrow for all.

Being India’s most credible Access Consultants we take pride in being pioneers of the country's accessibility movement and also for introducing Access consulting as a professional service in the country, thereby bridging the knowledge gap in the indigenous construction and design industries.

We believe that responsible service providers and employers will recognise the long term social, ethical and business mileage in valuing their disabled clients and employees, and should therefore be willing to invest in making provisions for them.

We value 

     Professionalism in all our work 

    Disability as a ‘non – charitable’ 

    Mainstreaming issues


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